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About Me

Let’s start at the beginning.

The beginning of when my life changed forever that is.

Unfortunately, I don’t exactly remember when that was or how it started. Though I have given this some thought and I wonder if I turned out this way because I am Indian. You know, the people who are often stereotyped as “cheap” but in this particular case, I would say we are rather “resourceful” instead. We save wherever we can, I am talking about reusing those yoghurt containers (you know who you are!). I think I took it a step further and found excitement in recycling these containers after their exaggerated use and any other finds that may be sorted into blue bins. Thus prompting my love for Mother Nature and taking measures to protect this beautiful planet earth. However, as the years passed, my obsession for the environment only continued to grow and it is safe to say this will be a constant for many, many years to follow.

However, I couldn’t stop there. The planet needs a lot more attention than just recycling, reusing and reducing! Upon stumbling into a symposium, I learnt the importance of sustainable foods. This encouraged me to read The 100-Mile Diet which emphasized why we should be eating locally – not only for the betterment of our planet, but also the betterment of our bodies. Now I will admit, I don’t frequent the farmers’ market as much as I should but I am certainly making an effort to support local foods as much as I can. Did you know your average food travels 2000km?! Eep.

So now I’ve started going to the farmers’ market but does it stop there? No way! Next stop, the animals. Quite literally, I stopped eating animals. Upon discovering how much resources we owe towards farming animals for human consumption, I knew the right thing to do was swear off the meat and I’ll add it was an easy decision to make 🙂 Thousands of litres of water are invested in producing a couple pounds of meat and here I thought I was doing enough for water conservation by turning the tap off while I brushed my teeth.

But wait, there’s more! Nearly a year after I quit meat, I began to learn the atrocities of factory farming which was enough to convince me to stop consuming  whenever I can and stop wearing any animal products.

And now, it brings me to the individual I am in present day. I am certain this isn’t the end of my journey for living an eco-friendly lifestyle but it has been a wonderful learning experience. There you have it, the beginning, the middle and far from the end of how my life changed forever. I am so eager to find out what lies ahead. I hope to express what the future holds in this blog and I would love for you to join me! 😀




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